No 4.99 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page

Appeal of editor-in-chief PDF (Русский)
V.V. Nikonov 7

Scientific Review

Assessing and minimization of perioperative risk in cardiologic patient in non-cardiac surgery PDF (Українська)
M.O. Harbar, Ya.M. Pidhirnyy, Yu.O. Svitlyk, H.V. Svitlyk, K. Nadolny 8-14
Water-electrolyte imbalance in severe brain trauma PDF (Українська)
O.Ya. Ilchyshyn 15-18
Twenty years of the silver bullet against local anesthetic systemic toxicity PDF (Українська)
V.I. Kolomachenko, V.S. Fesenko 19-29
Sorbilact® as a mean of pharmacological correction of postoperative ileus PDF (Русский)
M.Yu. Nychytailo 30-37
Challenging issues on nutrition of children after extensive bowel resection (literature review) PDF (Українська)
V.R. Mishchuk 38-43
Trans-esophageal echocardiography and its place in the perioperative monitoring (literature review) PDF (Українська)
M. Vasylyv, Ya. Pidhirnyy 44-47
Stress hyperglycemia: discussion of ways to eliminate it with the help of sugar alcohols PDF (Русский)
S.V. Kursov, V.V. Nikonov 48-55
Experimental substantiation of the volume of a local anesthetic during quadratus lumborum block PDF (Українська)
B.V. Zaletskyi, D.V. Dmytriiev, V.I. Pivtorak, A.V. Dusik, O.O. Kalinchuk, V.S. Konoplitskyi 101-106

Original Researches

Evaluation of baseline pathophysiological changes in patients with emergency abdominal pathology PDF
O.V. Kravets 56-60
Acute kidney injury in the intensive care unit PDF (Українська)
Ya. Pidhirny, O. Rusyn, I. Yakovlev 61-66
Assessing the quality of life of children with catheter-associated urinary tract infections PDF (Українська)
Z.T. Sadova-Chuba 67-69
Pathogenetic role of gaseous transmitters and urea cycle metabolites in endothelial dysfunction onset during acute period of polytrauma PDF (Українська)
N.V. Matolinets 70-77
Driving pressure as a component of respiratory monitoring of obese patients in laparoscopic surgeries PDF (Українська)
O.M. Turkevych 78-81
Features of open lung concept in respiratory therapy of severe community-acquired pneumonia PDF (Українська)
O.M Turkevych, O.P. Zakotyanskyi 82-87
Comorbidity as a risk factor of postoperative complications in patients during coronary artery bypass grafting with cardiopulmonary bypass PDF (Українська)
O.M. Druzhyna, O.A. Loskutov, S.R. Maruniak 122-127
Multimodal anesthetic support for thyroidectomy PDF (Українська)
Ya.M. Pidhirny, Zh.O. Ushnevych, A.V. Ivaniv 118-121
The role of succinic acid oxidation in the intensive therapy of severe traumatic brain injury PDF (Русский)
V.I. Cherny, I.A. Andronova, G.A. Gorodnik, T.V. Cherny, M.A. Andronova 107-117
Analysis of non-surgical complications in patients with implanted left ventricular assist devices PDF (Українська)
O.P. Mazurenko, P. Nadzyakevych, O.A. Loskutov, L.V. Zgrzheblovskaya 88-94
Intensive therapy for compensated gastrointestinal dysfunction in patients with craniocerebral trauma PDF (Українська)
M.B. Vyshynska, O.R. Yaiechnyk 95-100

Notes from Practice

Weaning from mechanical ventilation in the patient with post-hypoxic encephalopathy and central hyperthermia PDF (Українська)
O.V. Filyk 128-133
Сlinical cases of symptomatic hyponatremia PDF (Українська)
U.A. Fesenko, O.S. Stepanyuk, T.B. Zhovnir 134-139
Caesarean section in a patient with coagulopathy PDF (Українська)
D.S. Мityuryev, I.M. Koshova, O.A. Loskutov 140-144

To Help the Practitioner

Scientific evidence for ascorbic acid usage in burn patients PDF (Русский)
A.N. Lytovchenko, H.A. Oleinyk, Ye.Yu. Lytovchenko 145-152

Proceedings of the Conference

Abstracts of the International Congress of Anesthetists Black Sea Pearl — 2019 (May 21–22, 2019, Odesa, Ukraine) PDF (Русский)
. No authors 153-166