No 8.55 (2013)

Table of Contents


Unconscious Patient: Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment PDF (Русский)
A.A. Birkun 9-15
Pathophysiology of Cold Shock PDF (Українська)
G.A. Oliynyk 16-21

Original Researches

Medical Tactics in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Associated with Biliary Sludge PDF (Русский)
V.P. Shipulin 22-25
Programmed Laparoscopy in the Treatment of Peritonitis PDF (Русский)
N.A. Sykal 26-28
Application of Cholinergic Pharmacotherapy in Ischemic Strokes in the Vertebrobasilar System PDF (Русский)
A.N. Kolesnikov, V.N. Stasyuk, S.O. Chernutsky, D.V. Dergunov 29-34
Tetanus: Insidiousness and Rational Therapy. Clinical Case of Successful Treatment PDF (Русский)
V.I. Lysenko, M.A. Golyanischev, I.V. Karamushko 35-40
Colloid and Hyperocmolar Solution Gecoton® Offers New Opportunities in Emergency Therapy of Critical Conditions PDF (Русский)
L.P. Chepky 43-48
Features of intravenous immunoglobulins Application in Children with Thermal Injury in the Acute Period of Burn Disease PDF (Українська)
G.P. Kozynets, O.I. Osadcha, G.M. Boyarska, O.M. Kovalenko, V.P. Tsygankov 49-53
Errors and Treatment Strategy for Degloving Injuries and Extremities Soft Tissue Defects PDF (Українська)
G.A. Oliynyk, T.G. Grigoryeva, O.S. Suprun 54-60
Legislation of Ukraine and the Activity of Medical Worker in Emergency Medicine PDF (Русский)
J.E. Vasquez Abanto 61-67
Dynamics of Vascular Tone When Using Technique of Combined Central α2а-NMDA Sedation with Fentanyl PDF (Українська)
E.V. Podrez 77-79
Complex Intensive Therapy for Hepatointestinal Dysfunction and Metabolic Disorders in Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis PDF (Українська)
R.P. Bryk 80-84
Features of Infusion-Transfusion Therapy and Antithrombotic Prophylaxis in Extensive Liver Resections in Oncosurgery PDF (Русский)
V.I. Cherniy, K.N. Oleinikov, Ye.A. Kolganova, S.A. Bubnov, A.G. Mihalenko 85-91
Mortality in Concomitant Craniocerebral Injury PDF (Українська)
V.G. Poltoratsky 92-94
Dynamics of Histamine Level in Chemical Neurolysis in Patients with Colorectal Cancer PDF (Українська)
O.I. Shchur 95-98
Intracardiac Hemodynamics Indicators in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Depending on T-786C Polymorphism of Endothelial NO-Synthase Gene Promoter PDF (Українська)
V.Y. Tseluyko, L.M. Yakovleva, A.B. Luchkov 99-104

Clinical Case

Enrollment Criteria for Minimally Invasive and Hybrid Coronary Revascularizations PDF (Русский)
A.V. Petkov, Yu.N. Skibo, I.V. Polivenok, V.V. Boyko 112-115