No 6.53 (2013)

Table of Contents


Towards New Horizons (Historical Essay) PDF (Русский)
Yu.Yu. Kobelyatsky, A.V. Tsaryov, A.A. Krishtafor 8-16


Anesthesia and Intensive Care in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia/Eclampsia PDF (Українська)
Ya.M. Pidgirny 17-26

Scientific Review

Modern Aspects of Metabolic Brain Protection PDF (Українська)
M.V. Bondar, I.T. Grushovsky 58-62

Original Researches

The Mechanisms of Stress Formation in Anesthesiologists in Pursuant to the Work Experience in the Specialty PDF (Русский)
L.A. Maltseva, A.N. Salanzhiy 63-66
Drugs Improving Brain Blood Circulation in Total Intravenous Anesthesia in Patients Who Underwent Gastropancreatoduodenectomy PDF (Українська)
K.B. Vyshinsky, O.V. Shevchuk 67-68
Antisecretory Therapy in Comprehensive Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis: Feasibility and Methods of Realization PDF (Українська)
V.P. Andryushchenko, D.V. Andryushchenko, L.M. Kogut 71-74
Changes in Hemodynamic Status Depending on the Tactics of Infusion Therapy for Severe Acute Pancreatitis PDF (Українська)
O.I. Datsyuk, I.P. Shlapak, N.V. Tytarenko 75-79
Place of Bemiparin in Clinical Practice PDF (Русский)
Ye.I. Kinoshenko, V.V. Nikonov 80-85
Conservative Hemostasis in Patients with Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding PDF (Українська)
O.V. Bіletsky, V.V. Nіkonov, A.Yu. Pavlenko, M.O. Dementyeva, V.V. Boyko, O.V. Kuznetsov 86-88
Prediction of Complications in Intra- and Postoperative Period in Patients with Syndrome of Intracranial Hypertension (Adults and Children) PDF (Русский)
A.N. Kolesnikov 89-93
Immune Distress аs Pathogenetic аnd Thanatogenetic Relevant Syndrome in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Clinical and Pathomorphological Substantiation of Early Replacement Immunocorrection PDF (Русский)
A.N. Nesterenko 94-112
Chronic Heart Failure with Preserved Systolic Function: the Features of Morphological and Functional Status of Platelets and Their Changes under the Influence of the Treatment PDF (Українська)
O.V. Kuryata, Yu.S. Kushnir 113-118
Perioperative Cardiac Monitoring in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease During Abdominal Surgeries Under Total Intravenous Anesthesia PDF (Українська)
V.Y. Lysenko, A.L. Lyashok, Ye.O. Karpenko, S.B. Pavlov 119-123
Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Middle-Aged Women: Incidence and Prevention Techniques PDF (Українська)
I.I. Lisny, K.Yu. Belka, L.V. Klimchuk, L.I. Vorobyova, Yu.V. Kabanchuk, M.O. Katrychenko, K.D. Sydorenko, O.I. Balakhonov 124-128
Diagnostic Capabilities of Endoscopic Clinical pH-metry PDF (Русский)
Yu.I. Nalapko, L.A. Bolotina, A.V. Li, E.A. Dikaya 129-133
Initial Glycemic Status and its Impact on Mortality Rate in Patients with Severe Concomitant Injury PDF (Українська)
Yu.I. Nalapko, O.O. Yegorov 134-136
Hemodynamic Parameters of Adrenomimetics Correction in the Treatment of Patients with Polytrauma PDF (Українська)
Yu.I. Nalapko, О.I. Peicheva 137-140
Optimization of Emergency Treatment in Patients with Acute Cerebrovascular Accidents at Prehospital Stage PDF (Русский)
B.M. Goldovsky, S.A. Potalov 141-145
Anesthesia and Intraoperative Intensive Care for Liver Transplantation PDF (Русский)
A.S. Nikonenko, S.N. Gritsenko, V.A. Sobokar, V.V. Salenyuk, A.A. Voronoy 146-151
Disorders of Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus Metabolism in Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis PDF (Українська)
O.A. Galushko 152-154
Standards of Emergency Care in Acute Pancreatitis at the Prehospital and Early Hospital Stages PDF (Русский)
O.V. Kravets 155-156
Effect of Fluid Resuscitation Content on the Clinical Course of Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in Generalized Peritonitis PDF (Українська)
A.A. Khyzhnyak, S.V. Kursov 157-158
The Effectiveness of a New Method of Treatment of Patients with Lesion of the Pancreas in Multiple Trauma PDF (Українська)
V.V. Boyko, K.V. Gorbenko, A.V. Biletsky 159-161
Correlation of Pro- and Antiinflammatory Cytokines in Pregnant Women in the Third Trimester PDF (Русский)
Ye.N. Kligunenko, A.O. Volkov 162-164
On the Diagnostics of Changes in Water Balance and Qualitative Composition of Infusion Media in Obstetrics PDF (Русский)
V.A. Sedinkin, Ye.N. Kligunenko 165-168
Modern Antidotal Therapy in Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning PDF (Українська)
B.S. Sheiman, G.I. Posternak, V.A. Makaruk, V.O. Makaruk, R.V. Vakulenko 169-170
Comparative Evaluation of Individual Response of Patients on Various Methods of Postoperative Analgesia PDF (Русский)
A.L. Potapov 171-173

Practical Recommendations

Features of Cardiopulmonary and Cerebral Resuscitation in the Age Aspect and Special Clinical Situations PDF (Русский)
L.V. Usenko, А.V. Tsaryov, Yu.Yu. Kobelyatsky 174-182

Look at the Problem

On the Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications of Anesthetic Management of Non-Cardiac Surgeries PDF (Українська)
Yu.O. Ploshschenko 183-187
The Role of Medical Standards in Postgraduate Education with a Specialization in «Medical Emergencies» PDF (Українська)
O.M. Klygunenko, V.V. Yekhalov, O.V. Kravets, V.A. Sedinkin, G.S. Barkov 188-190
Life, Death, Immortality: the Evolution of Views, Modern Views PDF (Русский)
L.V. Usenko, A.A. Usenko, S.A. Kizhayev 191-196

Postgraduate Education

Topical Question of Postgraduate Education of Anesthesiologists: is There a Need to Introduce Techniques of Crisis Management? PDF (Русский)
Yu.A. Ploschenko 197-200