No 8.87 (2017)

Table of Contents

Scientific Review

Achievements and realities of surgical treatment for short bowel syndrome (literature review) PDF (Українська)
B.I. Slonetsky, M.I. Tutchenko, I.V. Verbitsky 15-21
Principles of providing of care to ill and injured children in emergency care unit (literature review) PDF (Українська)
V.V. Orel, I.V. Kyselova 22-25

Original Researches

Microbiological substantiation of expediency of combined use of antibiotics and Decasan PDF (Українська)
V.P. Kovalchuk, V.M. Kondratiuk, N.S. Fomina, I.M. Kovalenko 39-42
Dexmedetomidine as a component of postoperative analgosedation in patients with severe traumatic brain injury PDF (Українська)
A.A. Khizhnyak, V.I. Ievlevа, Yu.V. Volkova, K.Yu. Sharlai 62-66
On the need to develop a centralized system of antidote therapy PDF (Українська)
O.V. Ivashchenko, L.A. Ustinova, N.V. Kurdil, V.M. Padalka, V.V. Andrushchenko 67-74
The place of minimally invasive technologies in the surgical treatment of perforated duodenal ulcer PDF (Українська)
M.I. Tutchenko, B.I. Slonetsky, I.V. Shcur, I.V. Verbitsky 75-79
Outcomes of surgical treatment of combat gunshot craniocerebral injuries PDF (Українська)
A.G. Sirko 80-86
Neuroprotection in diabetic patients with acute stroke PDF (Українська)
O.A. Halushko 87-92
The paroxysmal course of autonomic dysfunction syndrome PDF (Українська)
V.І. Bobrova, A.V. Demchenko 93-97
Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhages — a current view on the diagnosis, clinical picture, treatment PDF (Українська)
I.S. Zozulia, A.I. Zozulia, A.O. Volosovets, A.O. Kaminskyi 98-101
Dynamics of levels of neuroautoantibodies in the blood of patients with severe traumatic brain injury PDF (Українська)
K.Yu. Sharlai 102-106
State of regional vascular bed in case of the acute ischemic diseases of the intestine and its morphological features PDF (Українська)
M.V. Maksimenko, S.M. Lobanov, I.O. Tiuliukin 107-109
Is it time to create stroke units in the system of specialized medical care for vascular diseases of the brain? PDF (Українська)
I.S. Zozulya, A.I. Zozulya, A.O. Volosovets 110-115
Optimization of prevention of recurrent ischemic stroke by taking into account genetic risk factors PDF (Українська)
A.O. Volosovets 116-119
Prevention of unintentional intraoperative hypothermia in patients with polytrаumа PDF (Русский)
A.V. Tsarev 120-124
Prevention and treatment of cognitive impairment due to combat trauma using multiorgan-protective drugs PDF (Русский)
A.A. Krishtafor 125-130
Long-term results of surgical treatment of patients with renal cell carcinoma PDF (Українська)
R.O. Zelenskiy 131-134
Effect of levosimendan on the state of blood circulation and the oxygen budget in the perioperative period in patients with acute coronary syndrome аt coronary artery bypass graft PDF (Русский)
M.V. Khartanovich, B.M. Todurov, A.A. Khizhnyak, Yu.V. Volkova 135-142