No 4.91 (2018)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page

Appeal of editor-in-chief PDF (Русский)
V.V. Nikonov 6


Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines: evolution of early goal-directed therapy PDF (Русский)
S.V. Kursov, V.V. Nikonov 7-14
Hemodynamic support in pediatric septic shock. Discussions questions in view of the recent consensus PDF (Українська)
M.А. Heorhiants, V.А. Коrsunov 15-23

Scientific Review

Some questions of hydrodynamics and energetics of circulatory and hemic links of the oxygen transport system (part 1) PDF (Русский)
K.G. Mikhnevich 24-31
Modern aspects of pathophysiology and hemostatic disorders in patients with polytrauma PDF (Українська)
O.O. Tarabrin, V.O. Ivanova 32-35
Neurological, traumatic and septic complications of neuraxial methods of anesthesia. Separate chapters from the monograph “Spinal anesthesia in obstetrics” PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Shifman, H.V. Filippovych 36-44
Corticosteroid insufficiency in critically ill adult patients PDF (Русский)
L.O. Maltseva, M.F. Mosentsev, V.M. Lisnycha, A.O. Levchuk 45-50
Pyrexia and antipyretic therapy in critically ill patients PDF (Русский)
L.O. Maltseva, M.F. Mosentsev, V.M. Lisnycha, I.V. Kozachenko 51-56
The issue of thrombohemorrhagic complications in patients with endometrial cancer: what is new? PDF (Українська)
O.O. Tarabrin, A.L. Bobyr, K.V. Bosenko, O.O. Duzenko 57-60

Original Researches

Maintaining normothermia in intensive care of severe traumatic brain injury PDF (Русский)
A.V. Tsarev 99-103
Glutoxim as a modulator of glutathione redox state in septic patients with encephalopathy PDF (Русский)
Yu.Yu. Kobeliatsky, L.O. Maltseva, M.F. Mosentsev, V.M. Lisnycha 104-109
Propofol infusion syndrome. Aspects of safe use PDF (Українська)
G.P. Pasichnyk, V.M. Orel, O.O. Matviienko, R.V. Gotsa, Yu.V. Hnativ 61-63
How expedient is the use of immunoglobulins for sepsis and septic shock? PDF (Русский)
L.A. Maltseva, N.F. Mosencev, D.V. Bazylenko, V.N. Lisnichaja 64-67
Preoxygenation: terminology, physiological basis, techniques, efficiency increasing methods, features in critical patients, possible risks PDF (Русский)
L.A. Maltseva, V.I. Grishin, V.V. Khalimonchyk, D.V. Bazylenko, P.P. Golota, M.V. Garus, R.A. Shkapyak 68-74
Dynamics of serum levels of nitrogen oxide and hydrogen sulfide metabolites as markers of organ dysfunction in acute phase of multiple trauma PDF (Українська)
N.V. Matolinets 75-80
Using supraglottic airway devices for awake blind tracheal intubation of obese patients PDF (Українська)
S.I. Vorotyntsev 81-85
The role of biochemical markers in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and prediction of acute cerebral ischemia PDF (Українська)
B.V. Zadorozhna, O.V. Saiko 86-93
Application of ozone-oxygen mixture in patients with acute biliary pancreatitis and bile hypertension PDF (Українська)
Ya.M. Susak, R.S. Tsimbalyuk, Ye.R. Deneka, M.V. Maksymenko, I.O. Tyulyukin 94-98

Clinical Case

Late complications after “classical” phlebectomy in the system of the small saphenous vein PDF (Русский)
N.A. Rogovoy, V.A. Yanushko, D.V. Turliuk, I.P. Klimchuk, V.V. Komissarov, D.S. Kulbeda 110-114
Persistent hypoglycemia in a newborn as a rare case of congenital hypothyroidism manifestation PDF (Русский)
L.D. Tantsіura, I.V. Kyselova, I.O. Stadnіk 115-118