No 2.97 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page

Appeal of editor-in-chief PDF (Русский)
V.V. Nikonov 24


Complications of diabetes mellitus: focus on hypoglycaemia (lecture with a clinical case) PDF (Українська)
M.V. Bondar, M.M. Pylypenko, O.A. Halushko, T.V. Ovsiyenko 25-34

Scientific Review

Rationale for the use of levofloxacin 750 mg intravenously for the treatment of severe community acquired pneumonia in the hospital (literature review) PDF (Українська)
O.M. Nesterenko, B.B. Prokopenko, O.O. Nesterenko, T.I. Vorobiova 35-44
Prevalence of psychoactive substances as an anesthesiological problem PDF (Українська)
Yu.I. Markov, O.A. Loskutov, V.O. Polishchuk 45-53
The combination of carbapenem resistance and colistin resistance of pathogens of severe Gram-negative nosocomial infections: the first signs of the start of the postantibiotic era PDF (Українська)
M.M. Pylypenko, T.V. Ovsiienko, M.V. Bondar 54-62

Original Researches

Drug-induced liver damage: principles of diagnosis, pathological changes and treatment approaches PDF (Українська)
S.M. Nedashkivskyi 63-70
To help the practitioner: enteral correction of intestinal insufficiency syndrome in patients after surgical interventions PDF (Русский)
A.V. Tkhorevsky, A.O. Prisyazhnyuk, R.M. Slobodyanyuk 130-137
Improving the method of cardiopulmonary bypass in cardiac surgeries PDF (Українська)
V.I. Cherniy, L.A. Sobanskaya, P.A. Topolov, A.N. Lazarenko, T.A. Alekseeva, V.G. Guryanov 119-129
The functional state of lipid metabolism in traumatic disease in patients with increased body mass index PDF (Українська)
V.V. Kucheryavchenko, Yu.V. Volkova 114-118
The use of catheter subarachnoid blockade in abdominal surgery PDF (Українська)
S.M. Byshovets 108-113
NT-proBNP level as a predictor of atrial fibrillation in patients with acute coronary syndrome PDF (Українська)
V.Y. Tseluyko, F. Ben Salem, O.E. Matuzok 101-107
Difficult airway, extubation: difficult/failed? PDF (Русский)
O.E. Domoratskyi, V.Ye. Kryliuk, R.V. Ivanchenko, M.Yu. Svintukovskyi, M.S. Lysianskyi, N.V. Piatkovska, Yu.A. Oliinyk 71-74
Analysis of hemorrhagic and thromboembolic complications in patients with implanted left ventricular assist devices PDF (Українська)
O.P. Mazurenko, P. Nadzaykevich, O.A. Loskutov, L. Zgrezheblovskaya 75-81
Lidocaine in multimodal anesthesia: a panacea of the present or a new fashion trend? PDF (Українська)
О.A. Loskutov, T.A. Danchyna, V.H. Kolesnykov, A.M. Druzhina 82-88
Comparison of cardioprotective properties of artificial electrical fibrillation of the heart and Bretschneider solution during coronary artery bypass grafting PDF (Українська)
O.A. Loskutov, O.M. Druzhyna, D.O. Dzyuba, S.V. Pashchenko 89-93
Clinical significance of restrictive fluid therapy impact on the recovery of gastrointestinal motility after pancreaticoduodenectomy PDF (Українська)
V.O. Kuzmenko, A.V. Skums, A.P. Mazur, I.A. Kuchynska 94-100

Notes from Practice

Metabolic alkalosis in a premature neonate PDF (Українська)
L.D. Tantsiura, I.V. Kyselova 138-142

To Help the Practitioner

Informed consent in clinical practice PDF (Українська)
Yu.I. Markov, A.O. Zhezher 143-149

History Pages: from Past to Future

The development of anesthesiology in Ukraine: a way from art to science PDF (Українська)
O.A. Loskutov, M.V. Bondar, Yu.I. Markov, M.V. Boliuk, R.A. Yefymenko 150-154

Proceedings of the Conference

Abstracts of the Eleventh British- Ukrainian Symposium “Innovative Technologies and Techniques in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy” (April 17–20, 2019, Kyiv) PDF (Українська) PDF (Русский) PDF
. No authors 155-254