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No 7.54 (2013) Topical Issues of Diagnosis and Intensive Care for Hypnotic Drug Poisoning Abstract   PDF (Українська)
S.M. Nedashkivsky, D.O. Dzyuba
No 2.65 (2015) Topical Issues of Toxicology and Laboratory Identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids (Prepared According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — EMCDDA) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
N.V. Kurdil
No 6.53 (2013) Topical Question of Postgraduate Education of Anesthesiologists: is There a Need to Introduce Techniques of Crisis Management? Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yu.A. Ploschenko
No 3.82 (2017) Topicality of the problem of obstetric and gynecological sepsis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.G. Karpenko, N.M. Pasiyeshvili
No 6.53 (2013) Towards New Horizons (Historical Essay) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yu.Yu. Kobelyatsky, A.V. Tsaryov, A.A. Krishtafor
No 2.57 (2014) Toxic Nephropathies Abstract   PDF (Українська)
D.D. Ivanov
No 2.73 (2016) Toxic Syndromes in Acute Poisonings by Conditionally Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms Abstract   PDF (Українська)   PDF SUMMARY
N.V. Kurdil, V.M. Padalka, O.V. Ivashchenko, O.H. Lutsenko, A.H. Bohomol, V.F. Struk, V.V. Andriushchenko
No 2.57 (2014) Toxicokinetics of DNOC when Applying a Potential Antidote MIGU-2 Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.D. Lukyanchuk, B.S. Sheyman, Ye.V. Krylova, M.N. Babenko
No 3.74 (2016) TRALI Syndrome in Obstetrics Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.A. Padalko, A.О. Zhezher, F.S. Vashchuk, V.V. Mekhedko
No 5.60 (2014) Traumatic Brain Injury in Terms of Evidence-Based Medicine: an Overview of Current International Guidelines Abstract   PDF (Русский)
T.V. Cherniy, V.Yu. Stetsik, V.I. Cherniy
No 7.62 (2014) Treatment of Endothelial Disorders in Newborns after Severe Birth Asphyxia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
S.S. Ovcharenko, N.M. Mezhirova, H.D. Kravtsova, V.V. Danilova
No 7.78 (2016) Treatment of Patients with Central Fever Using Drugs for the Control of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.V. Nikonov, S.V. Kursov, O.V. Beletskiy, V.I. Iyevleva, O.E. Feskov
No 8.79 (2016) Treatment of Postoperative Delirium Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.O. Pavlov, S.A. Lutsyk
No 6.61 (2014) Triple Parasitism (Helminthiasis, Association of Microorganisms, Malignant Tumors) Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Ya.I. Lomei, I.I. Tsyuk, Yu.Ya. Lomei
No 1.48 (2013) Tuberculosis of Peripheral Lymph Nodes Abstract   PDF (Русский)
P.I. Poteyko, V.S. Krutko, O.S. Shevchenko, E.M. Khodosh
No 1.72 (2016) Two Opposite Effects of NMDA-Receptors in Terms of Increased Range of Pharmacological Neuroprotection in Acute Cerebral Ischemia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L.V. Novytska-Usenko, V.P. Muslin, A.A. Kryshtafor
No 3.66 (2015) Two-Stage and Two-Component Brachial Plexus Block in Trauma Patients Abstract   PDF (Українська)
M.L. Homon
No 2.65 (2015) Ultrasound-Guided Popliteal Sciatic Nerve Block Abstract   PDF (Українська)
M.V. Lyzohub
No 8.55 (2013) Unconscious Patient: Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.A. Birkun
No 7.62 (2014) Up-to-date Approaches in the Treatment of Ulcerous Basalioma of the Pilary Part of the Head Abstract   PDF (Русский)
H.A. Oleinik
No 2.65 (2015) Up-To-Date Technologies Reflecting Pain and Nociception Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.Yu. Kobeliatskyi, О.O. Shaida
No 5.52 (2013) Use of Atropine in Structured Treatment of Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Русский)
M.A. Treschinskaya, V.N. Hrykin
No 1.56 (2014) Use of Ebrantil in the Complex of Hypotensive Therapy in Maternity Patients with Severe PreeclampsiaUse of Ebrantil in the Complex of Hypotensive Therapy in Maternity Patients with Severe Preeclampsia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.I. Cherniy, V.S. Kostenko, Ye.A. Bernadiner, V.Yu. Stetsyk
No 1.72 (2016) Use of Grandazol for the Prevention and Treatment of Purulent Infections in Colorectal Surgery Abstract   PDF (Русский)
O.I. Poida, I.O. Yaremchuk, M.D. Kucher, V.A. Dubovyi
No 1.48 (2013) Use of Partial Parenteral Nutrition in Intensive Care of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury with Application of Modern Amino Acid Solution Aminosol® NEO Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.I. Cherniy, G.A. Gorodnik, V.A. Biloshapka, A.S. Gerasimenko
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