Vascular access in complex oncohematological patients (a clinical case)


  • A.M. Strokan Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya” of the Agency of State Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine; Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • V.Yu. Subbotin Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya” of the Agency of State Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine



central venous catheter, peripherally inserted central catheter, oncohematological diseases


Patients with hematologic malignancies require reliable vascular access in order to prescribe infusion therapy, chemotherapy, antibiotics, drugs and blood components. The article describes a clinical case of using a peripherally inserted central catheter in an atypical locus with discussion and explanations.


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Strokan, A., & Subbotin, V. (2021). Vascular access in complex oncohematological patients (a clinical case). EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 16(2), 111–114.



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