Surgically induced stress response in mini-invasive surgery


  • N.V. Mynka Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital, Dnipro, Ukraine; Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine



surgically induced stress response, postoperative pain, ophthalmic surgery


The article describes a study aimed at markers that identify the surgically induced stress response and the dyna­mics of postoperative pain in ophthalmic patients after corneal transplantation. We analyzed the data of patients operated on the basis of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital from 2017 to 2019. During the research, we determined such main parameters in patients as the main parameters of hemodynamics and gas exchange, the severity of the surgically induced stress response by analyzing the dynamics of the levels of leukocytes, blood glucose, and C-reactive protein, as well as the severity of postoperative pain. Blood sampling was carried out at four stages of the study. As a result, a statistically significant postoperative increase in the concentration of blood glucose and leukocytes was established compared to the preoperative level. It was also found that postoperative analgesia cannot be considered sufficient in more than 70 % of patients. The data obtained demonstrated the development of surgically induced stress response in ophthalmic patients and make a search for stress-limiting schemes for anesthetic management re­levant and requires further research.


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